In the darkness where my true self lies

The only place where I am both lost and found

Enveloping darkness, caressing leather, the clank of the metal that holds me

My safety required

My release desired

Warmth of a well-practiced hand waiting for me

Light pats warming my skin, prepping me for what is to come

My shoulders, back, bottom, and thighs yearn for that lovely bite

Sweet painful kisses are certain

My breathing softens

My mind lets go

The licks from the falls wrap every part of me

Forcing my body to give in; relax, remove, and yet embrace

The pain turns to pleasure

The harder he works on my bare canvas, the higher the climb

Again and again the instruments ever-changing

Thud of a heavy flogger, scratch of makeshift claws or knife, crack and snap of the whip, and the sting of the crop

Punishing the most tender areas of my body

The sensation and warmth in my flesh become muted

My eyes heavy, refusing to open

Once more

Twice more, can you feel it?

It’s so close

The final few blows making their lasting marks on the meat of my cheeks

Being pushed to the very edge and just over, I fall

I will feel it for days

The quiet and bliss of sub space

The drop and the release

The tenderness of my skin, and the delicious reminders of what took place

The lull and clouded thoughts in the days to come

The moods come and go

I see them for what they are

My normalcy returns, and my thought drift to flashes of the nights past

The darkness is calling, circling, and enticing me

The darkness…the darkness…I’m coming