So many things on the brink of a horizon,

The return of a love,

The possibility of a Sir willing to train me,

The embrace of a secret life,

The balance is tenuous,

The cliff is steep,

The drop is long,

I cannot escape the fall,

I do not want to avoid the fall,

I want to leap into the night,

Feel the caress of the air, as I slip deeper into my secret abyss,

Will he follow me?

Will he accept me?

Will my love embrace the submissive I grown to be?

Claim me and make me his,

This journey, this path, will I be forced to walk alone, as I have so many others,

A journey I will not deny,

The craving and the need is genuine,

An image seeps from the depths of my memories,

The sting of a shiny, thin paddle that strikes and lifts the bottom of my cheeks,

The swat blasts across the surface of my sweet soft skin,

Blushing as if embarrassed from the pleasure it brings,

The licks from the falls of the floggers kissing and caressing with every stroke,

Heat rising in the reddened flesh, making the need stronger,

Submitting into the will of another, when trust is all there is,

Feeling the challenge the ensues; taking, wanting, and needing more,

What will break first; the mind, the body, or the Dom?

The rise is slow, but the increase is rapid,

The change in my breathing,

The relaxed feeling that spreads to my outer limbs,

The pleasure and haze that clouds my mind and vision,

The wetness that trickles down my inner thigh without asking permission,

My head is heavy, and my body is at peace, a massage unlike any other,

Warm hands moving across my tender flesh,

Sweet approvals whispered in my ear,

Released from the restraints around my wrists,

Comforted by a familiar blanket, friend, and Dom,

The journey was extensive; the long dark descent was consuming, and from my secret abyss came ecstasy.