Here I sit, contemplating how my journey started, and I can’t help but think of the time Tristan, and I spent together. Now I have told you a little about my gentle slide into submission with him, maybe it’s time I go into more detail.

It was so easy to talk (text) with him because let’s be honest that is how this whole thing happened, I answered an ad on CL. We communicated through one of the many different apps that you can use without giving out your phone number. If you are new to meeting strangers…please check into this, it is sooo dangerous to give out personal information that makes it easy for people to find you and go nutz! I know, I know, they would never do that….UNTIL you tell them you’re not interested. Then they go all super stalker psycho. You know who you all are!! Just stop it!!

*Thank you for listening to this Public Service Announcement……Now Back to Our Regular Schedule Programming.

Anyways, I had mentioned in a previous post (Finding My Submissive Way: Part Three) about Tristan and how I quickly conformed to his rules and requests. I had many questions for him after all this was completely new to me. I can’t remember if they started before I address Tristan as Sir or not, some of the experiences are a kind of a blur when I look back. We discussed hard limit. If you don’t know what a HARD Limit is I suppose I can help you out on this, I might as well cover SOFT Limits as well. Although I still encourage LOTS and LOTS of GOOGLE USAGE!

A “Hard Limit” is something that either you or your Dom will not do under any circumstance. Some of the reasons maybe personal that can trigger panic during a session, others because you physically can’t, and some are just an absolutely out of the question idea; turnoffs or disgusting just to think of. I will share some of mine after we go over soft limits.

A “Soft Limit” is something that you or your Dom are not comfortable with but are willing to try. Let’s face it a big portion of this is pushing boundaries. If your Sir says he wants to try “Fisting” with you and your initial reaction eeekkk, that is a little scary, but you are not like OHHHH, Heelllllll NO! This might be a soft limit for you, one you are willing to try. You can always add to your Hard Limit List later. Oh, and anyone that says you can only have a said number of hard limits is full of shit…you can have as many as you need. Your next steps should be careful with that person if they do try some crap like that. REMEMBER POWER EXCHANGE, not a door mat, unless that is your thing. Then hey, who am I to judge!

Okay so to give you an idea of what I mean, here are a few of mine;

Hard Limits                       

  • No blood
  • No potty games (Poop and Pee, are not for me!)
  • No real pain
  • No facials (Google and I find this humiliating)
  • No foot fetish stuff (foot anything….gross and vomit!!)
  • No humiliation or degradation
  • No Daddy/daughter stuff (super gross, sorry not my thing)

Soft Limits

  • I have none

~I will try ALMOST anything once, and then I will decide whether or not to make it a hard limit. That’s just me; I have been told I am “such a freak”, by my Sir, naturally.

Does that make sense now, I hope so? Everyone is different and has different turn on and turn offs; this piece belongs entirely to you. Make it your own, don’t be afraid to try stuff, and don’t be scared to say you will not do that, just be respectful to your Dom while doing so or your rear might pay for your mouth…lol. Which might not be a bad thing, come to think about it.

Back to the rules…So one day I asked if Tristan had rules he typically used with his subs and he said that he had a few, and I asked him to share them with me. I was inquisitive and eager to take the next step. Here were some of the basics:

  • His subs were to message him right before they went to bed at night with a “Good Night, Sir,” and again in the morning “Good Morning, Sir” when they woke. This was to ensure he was the last and first thing the sub thought about at the end and beginning of each day. Mmmm, I loved this! 😀
  • When he was around his sub in public, she was to touch his shoulder in some way to acknowledge his position and respect. If it was in private and they were greeting each other, she was to kiss him on the cheek.
  • Always address him as “Sir” and possibly “Master” if it felt right later on down the line.
  • Cumming is only permitted with permission.

As far as I was concerned, I wanted to do ALL of these….LIKE NOW! I felt like I was ready, but I was not sure if he would think so. The “Good Morning, Sir” and “Good night, Sir” were easy. Tristan was on my mind a ridiculous amount anyways.

Over the next few days I found myself offering Tristan, my Sir (*looking dreamy eyed*) all kinds of things. Now if you have read Parts 1, 2, and 3 you already have an idea, but I wanted to break it down and go more in depth. I mastered the first few rules without any issues and asked if he wanted to control more, his response was always, “What are you offering?” I know this sounds like a crazy question, but it made me think because whatever I offered I had to be willing to surrender all my control.

First off there was my wake up and sleep times, which I have already discussed previously. Then I offered for him control (to an extent) of my attire for the day. He told me that since I was his, it was important that I always look my best. Not only was I too always to look my best, but he saw it as a reflection on him, to make him proud to call me his “pet.” It was a lovely nightly routine. I ultimately put the outfits together, but he chose whether I would wear; dress pants, skirt, or dress, flats or heels, thigh highs or bare legs. Yes, yes, in case you didn’t get that…this chic NEVER wears pantyhose. ALWAYS thigh highs or none at all. They are sooo damn sexy, don’t you think? After I was dressed every morning, I would take a picture and send it to him. This worked in two ways; one he got to see what I wore for the day and two; he was able to make sure I was following his instructions.

*Side note – Tristan LOVED the idea of others looking at me, he knew I would draw attention and loved that I was his. I do classy sexy very very well. *wink* Almost like forbidden fruit, oh and my fruit, is DAMN SWEET! As if you didn’t want to know.

My lunches during the work week were the next thing I offered. I like eating healthy and often eat lunch out. Every day or even the night before I would ask Sir, what I was having for lunch. Tristan would tell me where and what to eat. For instance, if I went to the cafe, a lean protein of my choice, salad from the salad bar with ranch dressing, and some fruit. When he told me to go to Subway, I was to order a 6” Italian herb and cheese bread with ham and pepper jack cheese, toasted, lettuce and tomato, and ranch. I had to do some negotiating here because he initially told me to get turkey, but I can’t stand turkey on a sandwich.

One day of the days he told me to go to subway, my instructions were very precise. Tristan told me which Subway to go to; there are several close to where I work. I was to order the same sandwich I just described, but instead of ordering it and taking it back to the office like I usually do I was instructed to stay there and eat it. Now I know you are thinking big deal, let me paint you the picture. After I had ordered my sandwich, I was instructed to find a place to sit, specifically in a place where I was visible to all that came in the store and all that were in line. Sir told me to sit with my back to the wall, so I was facing them, and sitting with my legs spread, not in a vulgar way, but just enough to allow the right angle and view to possibly catch a glimpse of the sweet spot between my legs. As if that was not enough, earlier in the day I was instructed to take my panties off and go bare for the rest of the day. The whole time he was messaging me, getting updates as to what I was doing, where I was sitting, if my legs were spread, and if anyone was looking and watching me. One last thing to add to the mental picture I just gave you, I had no idea where he was, it was entirely possible he was somewhere close by watching without my knowing. Just the thought that I was displaying myself and the possibility of him sitting in some corner watching or better yet walking into the same Subway was enough to make me dripping wet.

Well…. that was a perfect Segway into the next thing I offered my Sir. I had mentioned before Sir had control of my attire for the most part. I offered him some control over my work environment, nothing that would affect my job and get me in trouble. Tristan told me I was no longer allowed to wear panties to work if I was in a skirt or dress, and I was to sit with my legs slightly apart. This was quite challenging for me given that I always sit with my legs crossed at the knee or even at the ankles. The only way I was able to manage this was to pretend that my ankles were tied to the feet of my desk chair…forever forcing them to stay open. HOLY HELL was that a turn on. The thought of being tied and bound to the office chair, whew…makes me pant just thinking about it. He told me if my desk had not been blocking the view he would want to have a perfect view up my skirt or dress if he was walking down the hallway towards me. Then as if to make matters worse, he would message me things he wanted to do to me or with me. There were times I was concerned I would soak my dress, skirt, and chair.

For quite a while we continued like this, his increasing control over my daily activities were driving me wild, and Sir knew it. At this point, I was no longer allowed to touch myself without permission. Okay, so I am not sure if you remember or not, but my husband is not here at the moment, so the only way I had any relief was to take care of myself. I never did more than play with my clit, I’d cum, and it would be just enough to take the edge off and allow me to think sanely again. I now had to ask permission to cum or to even touch myself other than for the obvious reasons (washing and bathroom…did you think I had to ask permission for that? Come on now?!?!). With my increased yearning, not playing with myself became increasingly difficult. One night he wanted me to describe a story to him of something I envisioned would happen, Tristan told me to get on my hands and knees. I was to touch, toy, and play with myself while I described our made-up encounter, but not to cum, under any circumstance. After giving him enough of a mental picture he came, and I was on edge….I was so close to cumming; I could barely stand it. “Please Sir, May I cum?” I asked. His response sent me reeling, “Yes, pet. I want you to cum for me, NOW.” It was like his words opened the flood gates, and I came hard. I couldn’t believe the combination of those few words would make me see stars. Once I was done, I messaged Tristan, “Thank you, Sir….that felt SOOOO good.” His response had me purring, “You did well, my pet. Now sleep, Good night my pet.”

Up until this time Tristan had never seen a picture of me completely undressed. I asked if he was curious about me and what I looked like, he agreed that we had reached a point where he wanted to see what was going to be or was already his. I obliged, sending him a few pictures of me undressed. The first picture I posted was of me undressed standing in front of a mirror, and my hand was strategically placed over the front of my cat (you can figure out what a cat is right?). Although Tristan enjoyed the picture, he told me to retake the picture, and to make sure he could see all of me. I retook the picture and sent it to him, “good girl.” It still brings a smile to my face, those few words. Ughhh, I get so sappy at times.

*There is another short story that belongs in this extremely long chapter, just look for the title Firehouse Subs*

Anyways, we continued like this, and it was heaven. Finally, we decided to meet. OMG…we were going to meet in person. Can I just tell you how excited, nervous, scared, intimidate, and stupid I felt all rolled into one. Okay, here is a little secret about me….I can write, and I can text my heart out, and I am pretty blunt and to the point, mixed with quite a bit of sarcasm and a dash of sass. In person, well I am the same once I am comfortable with you but the first meeting, I am shy and extremely bashful almost to a goofy extent. It is a bit ridiculous but hey, what are you to do? So we met on a Sunday at Starbucks, I have no idea why the hell I thought Starbucks wouldn’t be very busy, wrong! He was late…figures, I was on time, that is a first. Listen; I am not late all the time, and if I am I am not very late, but it happens. No judging, I own it…it’s a character flaw, ask my husband drives him bat shit crazy!! He left me once…OH YES, HE DID…funny story, but not for right now. Sorry I got distracted.

Sunday at Starbucks, he told me to wear a dress, but nothing fancy and some heels, he did not want me in flats. I settled on a V-neck t-shirt dress that came to mid-thigh and black strappy wedge sandal type things, oh and a denim jacket, it was chilly that day. I went in, got my coffee while I was waiting for him, he got there a little after I did and asked me to grab him a cup as well. Not a problem, he settled on an outside table. Just my luck I was going to freeze my ass off. Ohhh…so here comes the test, I had never seen this guy in person, yet I was supposed to somehow touch his shoulder to acknowledge his station as my Dom. I had two cups of coffee, one in each hand, I walked up to him at the table, and he looked me up and down and took the cup I offered him. Before I went to sit, I passed by him and put my hand on his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze telling him it was nice to meet him. HOLY SHIT was that super awkward, but somehow I managed it. I made sure to tell him how awkward it was. I did like the acknowledgment to him, though, especially out in public. It was our little secret. He grinned at me and gave me a nod, acknowledging my efforts as I sat across from him. Legs crossed….I know you were wondering…weren’t you? We talked casually for a bit, and I could see the excitement in his eyes as we talked, it made me grin and in turn made him smile. This was way too easy, and oh my…was he cute. Just like his picture if not better. The chemistry that was between us was almost palpable. After some chatting, grinning, and freezing. He asked if I wanted to continue chatting in one of our cars. I agreed because at that point I was starting to shiver and I was enjoying his company. Tristan gave me the choice of mine or his, I chose my car, for safety reasons. You never know people…you have got to be careful.

We sat in my car and continued to talk, at some point, he suggested that I drive us to a more secluded parking lot. Being the playful person that I am (haven’t you noticed that yet 😉 ) I asked him if that was what he wanted, and of course, he said yes. I drove us across the way to a move vacant parking lot, and it was still relatively early in the day. Once I put my car in park, I looked at him and said now what?…It didn’t take long for me to find out what came next. Tristan leaned over and kissed me. It was soooo intense!! Soft yet strong, demanding, and controlling all at once. I started to get warm and wet the minute his lips touched mine. We continued kissing, his hand found its way to my throat, and he squeezed pushing me into the back of my seat. During our heated make out session, he grabbed the front of my bra and gave me a quick tug, pulling away from me to watch my expression.  Tristan smiled, he had gotten the response he wanted, shock, surprise, and my face flushed. Tristan’s hands found another area of my body. He toyed, pulled, and twisted my breast and nipples while kissing me. His free hand wandered to the nape of my neck curled into my hair and pulled, quick and firm. The more he did, the more excited and wet I got, oh and don’t think that he didn’t notice.

Tristan’s hand wandered to the part between my legs, first grazing over the wetness seeping through my panties. My legs were resting partially together but enough to allow him some access. He forcefully pushed then open, giving him full and easy access. Tristan’s hand released my hair and found my throat again, pinning me to the seat of my car. His fingers rubbed and circled my clit causing my breathing to change. They found their way to my wet slit and slid in easily. I could sense his want and need to feel and control my actions. Hand on my throat, kissing intensely, thumb rubbing my clit while his fingers worked me at the very core. Breathing deep, moving with the motions of his hand, and his lips on mine, I could feel the build coming, I would need a release soon, and I was losing control. Soft moans were escaping my lips, I whispered, “Sir…Please…may…I… cum?”  Tristan’s response sent me over the edge, “Yes, my pet, cum for me, now.” Oh boy, did I. Somewhere in the mix of all of this my hands did find his cock hard and full buried under in the safety of his jeans. Looking back I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised with the size of his cock, and I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.

Although neither of us was ready to end our meeting, I had a previous engagement I had to go to, and I was already late. I drove Tristan back to his car, he gave me a quick kiss and stepped out of my car. He messaged me not too long after and told me that he loved the smell of me on him and his hands, specifically his fingers, it was driving him crazy…

Tristan couldn’t wait to see me again…nor could I wait to see him. Who the hell knew what was going to happen when we did see each other again, but I knew I was going to love every minute of it. Oh, and calling Tristan “Sir” I was all over that. It came out and felt natural. He had earned my trust, and I wanted to be his.