Sitting at my desk, I can’t help my mind wondering

Drifting thru possibilities like pictures flashing across my mind

A gentle caress, his hand wrapped in my hair

On my knees waiting for him

Submission feeding his desire

The slide of the leather around my ankles, wrists, and neck

The smirk I boldly display to him; defiance, challenge, and anticipation

Blindfolded and restrained, my senses on edge, the want, the need, and the yearning building

Begging for a release, one that only he can provide and grant

Oh, the sting of his hand on the smooth, soft skin of my bare bottom

The exquisite sensation of him pushing into me; stretching, aching, claiming, and causing my body to shudder with pure pleasure as I adjust to his size

His hand firmly placed around my throat squeezing, as I search his eyes for the craving I know I satisfy

My sensual sexuality that most will never know nor understand is alluring

His desire feeds the craving to be his