Finding My Submissive Way

She unwrapped herself like a fragile gift, and placed herself in his hands. ~Jose Chaves

Whispers in my ear, “Are you still with me?” A faint reply, “I am still with you, green.” On the precipice I stand… almost there.

On the Horizon, Down to the Abyss

So many things on the brink of a horizon, The return of a love, The possibility of a Sir willing to train me, The embrace of a secret life, The balance is tenuous, The cliff is steep, The drop is... Continue Reading →

Finding My Submissive Way (Part Four)…FINALLY…

Tristan smiled, he had gotten the response he wanted, shock, surprise, and my face flushed. Tristan’s hands found another area of my body. He toyed, pulled, and twisted my breast and nipples while kissing me.

My Wondering Mind

Sitting at my desk, I can't help my mind wondering Drifting thru possibilities like pictures flashing across my mind A gentle caress, his hand wrapped in my hair On my knees waiting for him Submission feeding his desire The slide... Continue Reading →

I’m Waiting…

“You’re in my thoughts more often than not, Take and make me yours once again, Brand me internally and emotionally, Whether you want me or own me, I can’t escape it, I can’t escape you, I belong to you…... Continue Reading →

Try Taking the Fetish Quiz!!

Okay, so one of the many things "Tristan" (reference part 3) had me do is take this quiz. Fetish Quiz! Don't be scared!! Just to prove to you that I did. Here are my results...Remember we are in a judgement... Continue Reading →

Why Craigslist, Why Share, and What Are You Looking For?

Now many of you have asked why are you are writing this? What are you seeking from this? Are you looking for a new Dom? Why are you posting in different areas of Craigslist? If not, see Part One and... Continue Reading →

Finding My Submissive Way (Part Three)

"I hit send, and Lilith was panting (HOE!!). I was done for! I had allowed Tristan to become my Dom, I asked for it, wanted it, craved it, and now I found that I needed it."

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